CISO Dinner New York

Corporate awareness around security concerns has never been higher and attention has never been more focused. However, as security budgets continue to rise, so do breaches for the simple fact that much security spending is being focused in the wrong areas and on the wrong threats. As much as 80% of enterprise security budgets are commonly focused on externally-originating security threats, and while these do represent close to 90% of all security incidents, they represent less than half of all security loses as 52% of those can be traced back to insider threats. This is not to say that all insider threats are created equally, and while less than a quarter are truly malicious in nature, breach and exposure as a result of negligence is just as costly, and just as damaging.

Join us for this executive dinner and discussion where we will dive deeper into the challenges associated with insider threat, explore what Insider Threat Protection is and how it can benefit overall enterprise security, and develop an understanding of how enterprise IT can best position themselves for success by evaluating and protecting against all threats, not just those that come from outside.

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